Babji Projects Pvt Ltd

A new age business conglomerate whose values and ethos are biased on consistent growth through unapologetic business innovation run by two extremely dynamic and innovative business magnates Mr Shabbir Totanawala and Mr Habeeb Mansoor Mohammed.


Short Profile of Mr Shabbir H Totanawala

Mr Shabbir Totanawala is an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a career spanning 15 years in various fields and businesses. His energy gives a new dimension of vision as he steers the company towards a new growth and opportunity.


Short Profile of Mr H Mansoor Mohammed

Mr H Mansoor Mohammed is a budding & upcoming businessman who is well known for his tireless efforts in helping the company achieve its goals. He never eases his commitment & always looks out for more avenues of exploration and actions.



Bengaluru, India

Building Construction
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