Al-Mufaddal Health & Wealth Counselling

Al-Mufaddal Health & wealth Counselling was a Dream project for 2 brothers.
They had worked on each and every aspects to bring happiness to the patients and as well as for the business seekers.
We have best Alternative Medicine around the world in 178 countries and any one can get those medicine available easily near by.
Best results in Parkinson's , Piles, Diabetes, Cancer, all types of Arthritis, Thyroids & all types of diseases.


Unicity International is 110 Years old US Based Wellness ICompany. Providing Health Solutions for DIABETES, HEART DISEASE, WEIGHT LOSS and other 25 Major and Small Health issues like:Hair Fall, Constipation, Acidity, Asthma, Mensturation, Tonsils, Piles, Varicose Veins, Low Blood Count, Excessive Bleeding, etc. We also provide Franchise Opportunities for Everyone who wants to earn for PART/FULL TIME.Anyone Around The WORLD can Apply.