Internet Services


With raza mubarak of Al Hayyul Muqaddas Sayedna wa Moulana Abul Qaid Johar Mohammed Burhanuddin RA ane Abu Jafer us Sadiq Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a platform where a mumin bhai/behen can advertise there business / hunar / skills in front of all muminin and others to get more work and benifits, and at same time those who are searching for a specific services or product, can get easily on MIK.

Wadi Sakeef General Trading Co. W.L.L.

Wadi Sakeef General Trading Co. W.L.L. involvesin thebusinesses of Industrial Filters, FMCG, Fashion Design Accessories, Cricket Equipments and IT Services. The IT services are absolute answer for a complete presense and business activity for the company on the internet. WADI SAKEEF GENERAL TRADING CO.W.L.L. (IT DIVISION) offers people the capability to become familiar with the actual power of the internet and exploit its utility through innovative ideas and suggestions that aim each business.


We carry out the basis of typing to advance of designing. At Microvision we take the entire project from Designing to Printing as per the clients requirement. Some of the services that we offer are Normal Typing / Drafting of letters Creating Biodata / Thesis layout Data entry / Data Processing Wall / Table / Pocket Calendar Design Converting cassettes to CD's Recording of songs, creating photo albums printing on mugs / T shirts etc Multi color Visintg cardsprinting and lots more......We are also into the wellness industry where we have world class products in the 5 category1.